August 17, 2009

Es war das beste Jahr in meinem Leben! Ohne Zweifel.
Ich würde so etwas sofort wiedermachen und kann es jedem empfehlen. so eine Erfahrung bekommt man so schnell nicht wieder.
Dankeschön an alle die mir liebe Briefe geschrieben haben, die mich unterstützt haben wenn es mal nicht so rund lief.

Ankunft in Deutschland

Juli 15, 2009


Juli 14, 2009

Lake Tekapo

Juni 27, 2009


Juni 24, 2009


Juni 8, 2009

Triathlon the first term, waterpolo in the second. As part of an exam, we had the school internal waterpolo match. My PE class against the other one. We won, but only because we had 2 really good swimmer in our team. Anyway it was great fun.


Juni 8, 2009

We had a formal McDonalds. Sounds a bit weierd, but it was actually quite fun. We had the whole bit upstairs for that event. They decorated the tables with tableclothes, candles, glasses,…
Everyone had to dress up and the waiters came to get the order in. We had to eat the burgers with knives and forks, and we had to pur our drinks into a glass before we were allowed to drink it.

SBS Marathon

Juni 8, 2009

My friend and I had he rather stupid idea to enter a halfmarathon. As we are likely to keep our promises we were up to the challenge.
I managed to run it in 1:50, my friend took an hour longer.
Never mind though, she did it without stoping and that`s wat counts.

Further informations ( pictures, results,…) on http://www.sbsmarathon.co.nz


Juni 8, 2009

Another random tramp with the scouts. This time at the Eyres Mountains.
Despite the fact it was sommer, we had minus 10 degress during the night and the little pond next to our campsite was frozen. It didn`t stop us from going swimming the very next day though.